Private markets continue to build in-house HR, legal and compliance teams. Whether searching for your first HR Director, bringing in a General Counsel, or building out your existing teams with mid and junior level professionals, our Lead Consultant, Dean Terry and his team can present your opportunity to professionals inside and outside of the industry to secure you the very best people.

Our Expertise

HR, Legal & Compliance appointments within the private markets space

Global reach is essential for us to successfully complete mandates for international clients. Over the last four years, we have built an extensive network and talent pool of senior to junior candidates across multiple jurisdictions including the UK, the USA and Europe.

Building your leadership pipeline

The search for an HR or Talent Director, General Counsel or Head of Compliance, requires a strong understanding of the market and the players within it. We approach all senior mandates with thorough research, extensive network reach-out, careful interview screening and detailed reports to help ensure the success of these pivotal searches.

Mid-level search for HR, legal & compliance roles will often focus on both inside and outside of the private markets space including the wider finance and professional services sectors. Ensuring the level of performance and quality of experience is key to the success of mid-level search and our experts will reference and network to benchmark the suitability of the hire.

Junior team members are often recruited from outside the private markets space, and each search requires an extensive reach out to the wider ecosystem. Our experts combine wide outreach with web-based advertising, networking through our database and broader search tools to identify strong shortlists of people with the required level of skill and experience.

Our HR, Legal & Compliance experts

Key Contact
Dean Terry
Head of HR & Legal Practice
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